Careers at Labyes


Careers at Labyes

Our company has a 25+ year track record in the small animal health industry. We develop, produce and market products that stand out for their formulas and certified manufacturing processes. Over the years, we have developed a full range of medicines with a focus on environmental care, the highest quality and breakthrough technology.

We continuously invest in scientific and technological innovation, and manufacture our products in accordance with the strictest international quality standards.


Our Values 


  • We are an honest and a reliable company.
  • We act with integrity and fairness with our customers, employees, partners, the government and communities.
  • We have committed ourselves to permanent innovation.
  • We respect the environment, people’s and animal’s life.


Human Talent Policy

At LABYES, we are convinced that the individual differences and the diversity of opinions are an essential engine for growth and continuous improvement, always working in a context of respect and collaboration. 

We are committed to providing our collaborators with an enjoyable working atmosphere, according to the occupational safety and health rules that are applicable.

Our decisions concerning human talent management are made on objective criteria base and always in observance of the laws and regulations to be applied.


What do we look for?

Upright, curious, committed and flexible professionals with a high sense of ethics and capacity to adapt to changing environments, goal-oriented, with initiative and team players.


Development areas


  1. Marketing and Sales
  2. Administration and Finance
  3. Supply Chain
  4. Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  5. Research and Development