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  • Argentina
    Agent: Labyes S.A
    Adress: Int. Abel Costa 833 - Morón
    City: Buenos Aires
  • Bolivia
    Agent: Indira Isabel Paniagua Ramirez
    Adress: Av. Coronel Marzana 1001
    City: Cochabamba
  • Brazil
    Agent: Labyes do Brasil
    Adress: Av. Rouxinol 1041
    City: Sao Paulo
  • Chile
    Agent: Chemie S.A.
    Adress: San Ignacio 401-B, Parque Industrial Buenaventura
    City: Santiago de Chile
  • Colombia
    Agent: Compendium S.A.
    Adress: Calle 19 número 96H-39
    City: Bogotá
  • Costa Rica
    Agent: Viagropecuaria S.A.
    Adress: 800 m oeste de Panasonic
    City: San Rafael - Alajuela
  • Ecuador
    Agent: Ilianza S.A.
    Adress: Cdla. Bellavista Mz 1 Sl 2
    City: Guayaquil
  • El Salvador
    Agent: Profilaxis S.A. de C.V.
    Adress: Km 37 Carretera a Sonsonat
    City: La Libertad
  • Paraguay
    Agent: Yagua S.R.L.
    Adress: España 2573
    City: Asunción
  • Peru
    Agent: Dexer S.R.L
    Adress: Valdemar Moser 562
    City: Lima
  • Uruguay
    Agent: Doralben S.A.
    Adress: Ruta 101 km 26,900
    City: Pueblo Capitan Artigas, Canelones

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