This website (hereinafter the “Website”) is operated by Labyes S.A., CUIT No 30-6061-8845-1, with registered domicile at Abel Costa 833, City of Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina (hereinafter “Labyes” or “We”). By accessing or using this Website, you (hereinafter, indistinctly, “You” or “Visitor”) agree to be bound by this Website Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Website Privacy Policy, please exit the Website right now. This Privacy Policy forms part of the Website Terms & Conditions of Use.



1.- Collection and Use of Personal Information


In certain parts of the Website, we may request you to provide personally identifiable information, such as when participating in a promotion, draw or contest, responding surveys, creating a user account, contacting us with any query or question, applying for a job with Labyes, requesting information from us, etc. You represent and warrant that any personal information provided by you is true, correct and complete; and agree that, in any event, you will be solely liable for any inaccuracy contained in such information. You are under no duty to provide us with your personal information; however, failing to enter any personal information requested and/or entering inaccurate information could prevent the provision of all such services and activities associated with such data (for example, participating in a promotion, creating a user account, applying for a job, accessing certain parts of the Website, etc.),  and you will release Labyes from any liability for the non-provision or incomplete provision of such services and activities.  


Any personal information collected by Labyes may be used to send you information and/or advertising material about products manufactured and/or activities performed by Labyes and its controlling, subsidiary, affiliated or related entities; conduct promotions, draws or contests; process awards; include such information in Labyes job application data base; answer queries or requests; enhance your Website experience; conduct internal marketing analysis and for all other purposes specified in the request, form o part of the Website where the entry of personal information is prompted.


By providing your personal information, you give your free and informed consent to such information being used, collected, stored, arranged, kept, treated, processed and/or assessed for such purposes. Furthermore, by providing your personal information, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.


By providing your personal information, you agree to such personal information being transferred to, and stored, treated and processed in other countries or territories offering appropriate protection safeguards, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


The Visitor may request that his/her personal information be fully or partially removed from or blocked in the data base, by writing to Abel Costa 833, Morón (C.P: 1708), Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2.- Use of Cookies


This Website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a web server puts in a site visitor’s computer.  Cookies are used for the following purposes – this enumeration is not limitative but merely illustrative: recognize the browsers of registered users so that they do not have to register every time they visit the areas of the website; monitor traffic, i.e., the IP address from which access takes place, type of browser and operating system used to access a website, date and time of access, visited pages; identify repeat visits for research or statistical purposes; anonymous tracking of interaction with online advertising; obtain information about browsing habits; compile anonymous visitors; gather statistics that allow to better understand how users use a website. Cookies may also help improve or personalize your website experience, and monitor site usage in order to post relevant communications. The Website may use cookies for all and any of the purposes above mentioned.   


You may refuse to receive cookies and/or eliminate cookies. For more information about cookies, please see your browser instructions or visit

Please note that if you do not accept cookies, you may find it difficult or impossible to access certain parts of the Website.   


3.-  Disclosure of Personal Information


You give your consent to Labyes sharing your personal information with its controlling, subsidiary, affiliated or related companies,  and providers or contractors (including, without limitation, service providers and contractors performing duties on our behalf or providing personal data collection, maintenance, storage, treatment, processing or assessment services; marketing analysts and advertising agencies hired by Labyes; firms hired by Labyes for Website management and maintenance purposes, their providers of legal, accounting and audit professional services; any parties employed by Labyes to manage activities such as e-mailing, draws, etc.).


The information is disclosed solely for the conduct of the activities specified by Labyes and/or the performance of the relevant services to Labyes, and shall not be disclosed for purposes other tan those specified by Labyes; and the recipients of such information shall keep it confidential.  


Both Labyes and its controlling, subsidiary, affiliated and related companies, as well as their suppliers or service contractors may reveal personally identifiable information  when so required by a court authority and/or for duly supported national security defense or public health reasons.  


4.- Information contained in public or interactive areas of the Website  

The Website may allow Visitor to post content or information on the Website and/or participate in on-line chats, forums and discussion groups on or through the Website. Note that other third parties will have access to any information or content posted on the Website and/or shared on on-line chats, forums and discussion groups. Consequently, you must be extremely careful when posting and/or sharing personal information on or through the Website. Labyes cannot prevent said information from being used in breach of the law or in a manner prejudicial to Labyes own privacy and security, and hence, Labyes will not be liable for any consequences derived from posting and/or revealing such information.  


5.- Links


The Website may include links or references to other websites. You hereby agree that Labyes is not liable for the content, privacy policy and security of said other independently operated websites. Such links and references to other websites are provided for convenience only.  


If you select any link to another website and/or access any website referenced on the Website, said access is at your exclusive risk. Labyes encourages you to review the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy of the websites referenced on the Website as well as of those you may access through links contained in the Website.  


6.- Security


The Website has security measures in place to help protect the personal information we gather through the Website.  

Labyes has no control over communications made through electronic mail. As such, we recommend that such e-mails do not contain confidential information and/or sensitive data or other data the disclosure of which to third parties is not consented by you. In the event we become aware that the personal information we hold about you is at risk, we may give you notice about it through such means as Labyes may deem appropriate.  


We remind you that you are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of any password you may use to access the Website, and you hereby agree not to disclose your user name and password to any third party. You agree to notify Labyes immediately of any unauthorized use of your user name or password or any other breach concerning the security of your account or the Website. Moreover, you undertake to “log off” (exit from your account) at the end of each session, and to monitor the use of your user name and password, and give immediate notice to Labyes in the event you wish to cancel your registration.  


Labyes will not be liable for any damages as may arise from breach of any of the duties above mentioned.  


7.- Rights to Access, Rectify and Suppress Personal Data


The Visitor may access, rectify and suppress his/her personal data by writing us to Abel Costa 833, Morón (C.P: 1708), Buenos Aires, Argentina.


"The holder of personal data is entitled to exercise the right to access to them for free at intervals of not less than six (6) months unless a legitimate interest is shown pursuant to article 14, section 3 of Law No 25,326” (DNPDP Regulation 10/08, article 1). “The National Personal Data Protection Bureau, which is Law No 25,326 Enforcement Authority, is empowered to handle any claims filed to enforce personal data protection regulations (DNPDP Regulation 10/08, article 2)”.


8.- Update of the Privacy Policy


Labyes reserves the right to unilaterally adjust or modify this Privacy Policy on no prior notice. Therefore, we advise you to regularly check the Website for any changes to this Privacy Policy.